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Jul 25
What type of people become After School Nannies?

There is no blueprint but it does suit two main groups who characteristically embody…

Jul 25
After School Nanny Duties and Requirements

What Duties will you perform as an After School Nanny? Pick up children from school…

Jul 25
Top Tips for a Successful Nanny Interview

Preparing for a nanny interview is a lot like preparing for any other job interview,…

Jul 25
Top Tips for Becoming a Successful After School Granny

Be Proud of your Age – You have years of experience on your side. Use it to…

Jul 25
The benefits of being an After School Student Nanny

“Part-time, Flexible, Fun! Better than bar work and offering great hourly rates and…

Jul 25
The After School Nannies Story

I can’t take credit for the brilliant concept that is After School Nannies.  That…

Jul 25
How does the process work for nannies?

We’ll call you to have an initial phone conversation. We’ll talk to you about our jobs…

Jul 25
What is a DBS check and how do I get one?

When it comes to finding your dream childcare role, responsible employers should ask…